24/7 Flood Restoration

Attention to Detail

Kids left the water on, burst taps, mains, flooded basements, storm damage, mould issues, and more. 

Cleantec have you covered! Don't expose your family and pets to the dangers of the mould lurking beneath your carpets, talk to one of our experts and we will be able to provide affordable and quality services to assist in eliminating mould within your home or business. 

Our Service Includes:

✓ Water Extraction from Affected Areas

Affected Areas Treatment With an Antimicrobial (mould treatment) 

✓ Anti Browning Solution Treatment to Avoid Carpet Discolouring

✓ Full Carpet Cleaning Service Provided

 Deodorising & Sanitising the Affected Areas 

✓ Continued Water Extraction Until Most of Water has been removed

In addition, we utilise our advanced cleaning machinery to spray our chemicals at high pressure to allow it to penetrate beneath the surface and treat the carpet underlay as well as avoid further damage. 

If we believe your carpets are heavily affected we may suggest additional services such as overnight dehumidifiers and fans to assist the drying process and speed up the recovery time of your carpets. 


We operate this service 24 hours, 7 days a week and will be available to assist in any emergency situation. 

Be sure to give our friendly team a call today and get ahead of the issues you are currently experiencing or any unexpected that may arise in the future, there is no job too small or big for us. 

Don't risk exposing yourself or your loved ones to the harmful moulds that can be present for you.